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Apr 3 2015 9:00pm

CRAWL, The Mighty Auroch (KY), KOZA (TN), Day Old Man


A. Rippin Production

CRAWL, The Mighty Auroch (KY), KOZA (TN), Day Old Man live at The Basement - Atlanta

Let us remind you why the south is known for spawning some of the best in sludge, stoner, and doom.

Southern Sludge/Doom from ATL

The Mighty Auroch
Stoner/Doom from Louisville, KY

Sludge/Stoner/Doom from Chattanooga, TN

Day Old Man
ATL’s blackened sludge/doom duo

Apr 4 2015 9:30pm

Waldo (Soulection), Gravez (HW&W), Xavier BLK (WERC)Buy Tickets

$14 adv / $17 at door

Hometown Heroes Presents

WALDO of Soulection

Midwest-bred Waldo, a fiery MC from LA-based Soulection Records, makes his debut in the hip-hop capital of the South. His original style combines the cutting wit of Kendrick Lamar and exuberant delivery of Logic with irresistibly lush production that invokes a diverse range of genres. Also making his Atlanta debut is native son Gravez, a true hometown hero in every sense of the term. A brilliantly inventive electronic auteur who just signed with innovative label HW&W, Gravez is beginning to leverage his massive online popularity into his first live performance on the east coast. He delights audiences everywhere with dynamic combinations of moods and textures that range from pounding syncopated 808s to bouncy Latin vocal samples, in a package that is perfectly reflective of a new era of hip-hop inspired electronica. Rounding out the bill is Xavier BLK in support, founder of Atlanta-based collective WERC. Xavier has tapped into the soul and sounds of Atlanta and is one of the faces of a new artistic movement around one of the fastest growing music scenes in the country.








Listen to Waldo, Gravez, Fortune, and Sango on “Rich Without Money”

Listen to Drake – 1ø Bands (Gravez Remix)

Listen to Xavier BLK “Soundbwoy Killin’ “

Apr 6 2015 7:00pm
Apr 11 2015 10:00pm

D.A.N.C.E // 90’s & 00’s dance partyBuy Tickets



D.A.N.C.E. // 90’s & 00’s dance party 

It’s like a regular party, but with more fun. If you’re into dancing like no one’s watching, have no problems with a little bit of sweat, and love getting weird with new friends, then D.A.N.C.E. is right up your alley.

We specialize in 90’s and 00’s dance music. From Justice and Crystal Castles (R.i.P), to Bloc Party and Death from Above 1979, all the way to The Violent Femmes, Miami Horror, The Postal Service, Le Tigre, and Arcade Fire. It’s all fair game at D.A.N.C.E!!!

If you like sing-a-longs, hand holding, foot stomping, and hoisting strangers on your shoulders, you’re coming to the right party.

Whether it be a nostalgia fix or just an excuse to get loosey goosey, D.A.N.C.E. is just what the doctor ordered for 2015.

Apr 16 2015 9:00pm

All Cows Eat Grass Dance Party: 2.0 Edition


All Cows Eat Grass presents


All Cows Eat Grass Dance Party is a multi-genre, multi-cultural platform for open expression through music and dance, featuring emerging DJs and All Cows Eat Grass’ brand of uptempo electro-funk.

Sounds provided by:
All Cows Eat Grass
George 2.0