The King of Buzz

This Machine Kills Artists Tour

This Machine Kills Artists,  praised as “a refreshing breath of unplugged, fuck-it-all folk” by Pitchfork, is the solo acoustic debut from Buzz “King Buzzo” Osborne (out now on Ipecac). Starting June 10th the Melvins frontman hit the road for a massive tour of the U.S. and abroad.

With guitar in hand, Osborne treks the U.S. documenting life on the road, opinions on various pop culture, and reflections on a life of music penning a tour diary for VICE (currently on it’s 3rd installment via NOISEY). Buzz offers us a bit of additional insight with almost daily photo posts from his current locale (see below).

KING BUZZO hits Atlanta Tuesday, July 22nd at The Basement in East Atlanta Village. He will be joined by Emma Ruth Rundle (Marriages, The Nocturnes, Red Sparrowes) opening the show. — Doors at 8:30pm,  18+


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